They met for the first time over the glare of computer screens.

They met in a crowded room full of perverts, nymphomaniacs, and webcams pimping love for a fee. In this constant chatter of abuse and anonymity, he found her looking for the same thing.
He was GameBoyNariko, she SakuraChick84. They lied to each other about their names. They had to.Anonymity was a necessity, yet even more compelling was the comfort of conversation.

Soon they knew they had to meet and do it. He knew that she was the one; it was she he wanted to be with. And so, he asked her out.

I’ll travel anywhere to do it, she said. Where should we meet?
Come to my place tomorrow, he said.

That night, he opened the door and saw her for the first time.
He led her in, right to the balcony of his eleventh floor apartment.
The night sky, as urban as it was, twinkled above. Tokyo glittered beneath them in a million light trails, brighter than the brightest stars above.
A gentle breeze rolled out as they stood hand in hand high above everything that didn’t matter.

High above everything that they would leave far behind once this was done.
Shall we do it here, she asked. Yes, here, he said.
I am afraid, she said. I am scared too, he admitted. But it’s simple as crossing the road when the traffic light is red.
And it’s not scary anymore now that you’re with me. She gave his hand a gentle squeeze in approval.

Smiling, he leaned over…and pulled her.
They dived headfirst into the concrete below. Together, they signed the pact of a lifetime.

Based on the Netto shinju, or Internet group suicide — contemporary form of Japanese suicide where strangers connect on the Internet and make plans to commit suicide together.

Image courtesy Ishibashi Shunsuke under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I hoard books. I live in a perpetual state of denial. I’m always curious. I’m getting old. What do i write about?

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